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[5 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 212 views]

The Ubuntu Classroom is now on both and twitter. Also join the Ubuntu Classroom group on!
Beginning this weekend, at the start of a session in #ubuntu-classroom on, ClassBot will make a dent and tweet to announce the session. The Classroom Management Team will also dent/tweet other announcements for the Ubuntu Classroom.
Please use the hashtag #ubuntuclassroom when denting or tweeting about the Ubuntu Classroom or any classes/events that are happening.

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[16 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 189 views]

Jorge Castro has added a Saturday training session for how to run a Global Jam! The session is scheduled for March 6 at 1900 UTC in #ubuntu-locoteams on You can find out more information on the Ubuntu Global Jam wiki page at and from my previous blog post.

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[12 Feb 2010 | 6 Comments | 657 views]

Hopefully by now you have heard of the Ubuntu Global Jam coming up in March. The dates for the Global Jam this cycle are the 26th through the 28th of March 2010. We are hoping to make this Global Jam extremely successful, and we need your help in doing it. We are wanting to have events in as many places as possible not only to help to improve Ubuntu, but also to help promote Ubuntu.
What is the Global Jam?
The Ubuntu Global Jam is an online and in person event that …

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[8 Feb 2010 | 3 Comments | 2,422 views]

As you may or may not know, Ubuntu has a “membership” available to anyone who has shown significant contributions to Ubuntu. This can be in many ways, not just developing. Being an Ubuntu Member has a few perks that come with it. One of these is that you get an email address. This address forwards to your email address which you define on in your Launchpad account. I recently received the honor of being accepted as an Ubuntu Member, and as such, now have an email address. (chrisjohnston …

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[31 Jan 2010 | 10 Comments | 24,808 views]

I have been using Irssi for about 2 years now. Irssi is an extremely flexible text based IRC client. You can find out more about Irssi at During my two years with Irssi I have been introduced to many good add-on scripts. I am going to list my favorite scripts.