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[7 Mar 2009 | 13 Comments | 25,203 views]

Now that we have our LLMP Stack setup, we can setup our WordPress Blog. Because Lighttpd does not use a .htaccess file like Apache does, we need to create rewrite rules and put them in the Lighttpd configuration. These are the easiest rewrite rules out there as there is only one line.
All you have to do is add the following line to your vhost.
server.error-handler-404 = “/index.php”
So lets create our vhost. I prefer to create each vhost in a seperate file. We are going to create the vhost for chrisjohnston.org. To …

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[5 Oct 2008 | 29 Comments | 21,519 views]

I’m going to explain how to setup a lightweight Apache and MySQL to work on a smaller server such as SliceHost’s 256mb VPS. This will work on both Debian and Ubuntu servers. You are going to install Apache 2 and MySQL like you normally would. After you install it, we are going to edit the config files to better utilize your available memory. To do this you need to be logged in via SSH to your server.