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My Favorite Irssi Scripts

31 January 2010 24,808 views 10 Comments

I have been using Irssi for about 2 years now. Irssi is an extremely flexible text based IRC client. You can find out more about Irssi at www.irssi.org. During my two years with Irssi I have been introduced to many good add-on scripts. I am going to list my favorite scripts.

adv_windowlist.pl – Advanced window list will show you the name of the channel next to the number that Irssi has given it. This script is nice because you no longer have to remember which number corresponds with which channel.

auto_whois.pl – Auto whois is a neat little script that performs a whois function on any user who sends you a private message. I have my PMs set to each open in their own window, so the whois for each user is printed in the PM window and not in the status window.

nickcolor.pl – Nick color is a simple script that assigns each nick a different color. This is nice when looking at the window because you can easily tell when different users are talking.

nicklist.pl – By default, Irssi doesn’t have a way of listing all of the users in a channel other than by using the /names command. Nicklist creates a list of users in each channel and puts it either to the left or to the right (user defined) of the chat window. There is a scrolling feature to this also, which allows you to scroll the nick list up and down. There is a way to make a key combination scroll the list for you, but I have not been able to get that to work. If you have luck with it, please get with me and show me how to do it!

prowlnotify.pl – This script is cool for those who have an iPhone. When your connection is set to away, either by /away or by disconnecting from screen (using the next script), Prowl Notify will use APIs to send your message to your iPhone. It is quite cool if you have an iPhone like I do.

screen_away.pl – If you run Irssi in Screen or Byobu (which you should!), this script will set you away when you disconnect from the screen session and set you back when you reconnect to the screen session. Quite a neat little script.

scriptassist.pl – Script assist does just what it sounds like.. Ok, maybe not, because it sounds confusing to me. Script assist checks your scripts to see if there is a new version available. It also has the ability to fetch the updated scripts for you. I haven’t had the chance to update a script with this yet, but I have checked to see if there are any updates with it, and it’s pretty cool.

trackbar.pl – I have multiple windows open in Irssi all the time. I auto join more than 40 channels, and normally have greater than 50 windows open between PMs and channels. This script is nice because it places a bar across the screen that tells you where you last were when you switched channels. This makes it much easier to keep up with conversations because you no longer have to “figure out where you left off.”

window_switcher.pl – The last script I am going to list is Window Switcher. As I said, I auto join more than 40 channels. When you have that many windows open, it isn’t as easy to switch between them. You have 1-0 which is as easy as just Alt+#, and then Q-O (most of the top row of letters on your keyboard), which is as easy as Alt+Letter. But when you get to window #20, it looses its easiness. You now have to type /window 20 to switch to window number 20.. Not as easy is it? A whole lot more keys to push. Enter Window Switcher. Window switcher takes the /window and converts it to /ws.. That removes 4 keys from what you have to type.. Here is one better.. It allows you to bind a key combination (Ctrl + G) and then you just type the window number. So Ctrl+G 20 will now switch you to window 20. Quite a nice script which has saved me a lot of time changing windows!

I hope you have found some of these scripts useful, and I look forward to reading any comments you may have. Also, if you have a favorite Irssi script that I didn’t list here (or if you use one of the ones I list here differently) please post a comment and let me know!

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  • mcas said:


    i use auto_away.pl and not screen_away.pl. If I am away and someone query me or pings me i get an email notification. I think this a very usefull feature.



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    […] My Favorite Irssi Scripts I have been using Irssi for about 2 years now. Irssi is an extremely flexible text based IRC client. You can find out more about Irssi at http://www.irssi.org. During my two years with Irssi I have been introduced to many good add-on scripts. I am going to list my favorite scripts. […]

  • roger said:

    for the nicklist.pl scrolling to work you can put somehting like this in your ~/.irssi/config :

    keyboard = (
    { key = “meta-prior”; id = “command”; data = “nicklist scroll -10”; },
    { key = “meta-next”; id = “command”; data = “nicklist scroll +10”; }

    now scroll the nicklist with ALT+PGDOWN/PGUP.


  • Chris Johnston (author) said:

    this causes a ton of errors when irssi loads.

  • jazz music download said:

    This is i used…
    “When a user is changing his or her screenname on the IM-network, normally, you’ll see this in &bitlbee: User `joyce’ changed name to `there’s no return from 86’

    Now, with this script you’ll see the nickchange as a notification in &bitlbee AND in the query with that user (if there is one):

    -!- User `joyce’ changed name to `there’s no return from 86’

    Make sure that display_namechanges = `true’ (this is a &bitlbee setting, set display_namechanges true).”

  • Theresa said:

    As someone who is *just* getting around to switching to Irssi from the hand-holding Colloquy, this list has been very useful. Thanks for posting!

  • Roman said:

    Nice list.

    I use prowlnotify.pl as well together with another script hooked to my iPhone to detect whether I’m at my desk or not and set the away status accordingly:


  • Jesper said:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I can certainly see myself using a lot of these scripts in the near future. As an addition to the window switcher talk, I’d like to mention that alt+a (or esc a if you have no alt button) will switch to the window with the most unread activity. No script required for that 🙂

  • iffe said:

    for the window_switcher.pl you can always use either key combination to jump to nearest next active window (ie. esc+a) or make an simple alias: go –> window goto

    /go #test
    /go user
    /go 11

    then you can bind the alias to whatever your liking.

  • jiriki said:

    Thanks for this list.

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